The spring in the village of the Belogruda

The spring in the village Of the Belogruda (Białohruda – on Polish) and catholic church of the St. Michael of 1900-1905, Lida district, Belarus. The church has a late neo-Romanesque style. Due to its location on a hill among the marshes, the church is clearly visible at a great distance.

  • History

On the site of this village in the VI-VIII and XII-XIII century was settlements of Bancerowska culture and medieval period, this is Easten Balt culture.
In 1609, there was built the first catholic church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in the village. The church was wooden.
Since the 18th century, near church began to bury the dead from the surrounding villages.
A few years later on the riverbank Ditva was erected a new stone church at the expense of the parishioners. The church was consecrated in 1908 in honor of St. Michael the Archangel. Being quite modest in appearance, it blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape.
Pictures of Belogruda village and church photo gallery added 30 of March, 2008.

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