The small town of Byarozawka

The small town of Byarozawka (Belarusian: Бярозаўка, Russian: Берёзовка, Beryozovka, sometimes as Berozovka) is a city in Lida district, Belarus.

The whole history of this city is associated with the development of the glass industry. Byarozawka was founded in the late XIX century.
The first blown glass workshop opened in 1875 on the territory of the farm in Ustran Borky. Blown glass workshop in the tract of Byarozawka started working in 1883. September 19, 1883, a local landowner the Zenon Lenski sent a request to Lida powiat management for permission “near the woodland summer residence of Zaenchitsy build the Glassworks.” But he was not allowed to build.
In 1891 the Lenski’s blown glass workshop rented Wilhelm Krajewski and Julius Stole. After some time, these masters built their own glass factory. From that moment began flourishing industry and town.

Pictures from Byarozawka photo gallery taken at 12 of December, 2009.

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