The nature of river basin of Molchad -

Nature of river basin of Molchad

The river runs by among the hills, flow is intense and the water is clear. The shores are low, although sometimes there are sandy cliffs.

The sunny, windless and most frosty day in the forest -

Windless and most frosty day in the forest

Seems, there was a many snowfalls and forest thoroughly covered with snow. Trees shrouded them, twigs are crackling from frost. Winter forest has a certain mystique which absorbs our awareness.

Kossovo Castle

Puslovsky’s palace and folwark of Tadeusz Kościuszko

Palace of neo-gothic architecture of the 19th century. Around the wonderful nature near folwark.

Forest of Daugerdzishki village.

Wonderful forest near Daugerdzishki village

Forest photos. Forest seems mysterious at dawn. There are rustling and scraping. It can be assumed, the beast takes breakfast.

Prushinsky’s country estate in Loshitsa -

Prushinsky’s country estate in Loshitsa. Panorama.

At one time, the last King of the Rzeczpospolita the Stanislaw August Poniatowski and the Russian Emperor Paul I, Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz and Stanisław Moniuszko were here. Panoramic view.