The summer & autumn forest.

Here’s summer pics of nature. Also, autumn pics. There the yellowness glows in the rays of sunny day. Unusually quiet autumn day in the woods. Only a rustling leaves underfoot. Fallen leaves covers the semi-dry grass until spring.

Former Czapsky estate

The Pryluki village is located Minsk district, the estate was built in the 19th century as mentioned above. Is believed that the Palace used as monastery in past, located in this place.

Mountain trail to Shio-Mgvime monastery. Mountains of Georgia.

We chose the trail to the monastery by a mountain trail, it’s about 6,5 km of the way. Where was 2,2 km just go up. That was great! We were able to see nature and fauna and flora. We began our journey from Dzegvi village and went along the trail. We were guided by GPS. There’s an approaching thunderstorm that worried us. Alleluia!…..

Nature of river basin of Molchad

The river runs by among the hills, flow is intense and the water is clear. The shores are low, although sometimes there are sandy cliffs.

Windless and most frosty day in the forest

Seems, there was a many snowfalls and forest thoroughly covered with snow. Trees shrouded them, twigs are crackling from frost. Winter forest has a certain mystique which absorbs our awareness.