Photos of the Prague, Czech. Panoramic views.

Take a walk around Prague independently. Problems with movement in the city will not arise. On the metro can reach the center of the most remote parts of the city. In the center the main means of transport is the tram and… legs. And let the tired limbs by the end of the day will make a buzz from walking, but heart will find light and joy.

Prushinsky’s country estate in Loshitsa. Panorama.

At one time, the last King of the Rzeczpospolita the Stanislaw August Poniatowski and the Russian Emperor Paul I, Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz and Stanisław Moniuszko were here. Panoramic view.

Old cemetery, Chapel of St.Barbara

Any cemetery conceal secrets. The majestic maples and oaks are guarded the tranquility of the dead from 19th century. You can see a panoramic view.

Around the Lida Castle. Panorama.

Castle is one of the most important in Eastern Europe. It has a long history. Castle almost restored and opened to visitors.

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Photographies and useful recommendations to tourists. Travel tips. This city is one of the most neglected by tourists in Europe. Does it makes sense to visit? Yes!