Prushinsky’s country estate in Loshitsa. Panorama.

Prushinsky’s country estate in Loshitsa park complex (LoŇ°yca or Loshica), Minsk City, Belarus. Date of construction: 2nd half of XVII – 2nd half of XIX centuries.
Manor house built Stanislaw Prushinsky in the second half of the eighteenth century and rebuilt in the style of Russian Art Nouveau and eclecticism in the nineteenth by the owner of Evstaphi Luban, the now exposed global restoration.
It should be noted that in these places haunted by a ghost. Witnesses claim that it can be seen sometimes in the night.

Panoramic view of homesteads and outbuilding after restoration, 2014 year.

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Loshitsa panoramas photo and just photos are shooted:
28 of April, 2007.
01 of July, 2012.
04 of July, 2014.