Dubrowo: Burned out Church in the ’80s.

Historians suggest that the people in this area settled in the 7th century BC, they lived on a hill that people today called the Maiden. Well preserved ancient burial mounds on the hill. In the 90s of last century, archaeologists have unearthed several such mounds. There were found silver rings, glass beads, rings, bracelets, metal meet in the form of snake heads.
It is believed that the name Maiden mountain comes from the Latin word «dievas», what it means to god or just a Mountain of God. Probably on this mountain was once a pagan temple. Earlier on this mountain was a huge boulder, which was called Adam’s Stone. Around the mountain there are three sources that probably used for cult purposes. One scientist believes that the Maiden mountain was once a pagan temple of the goddess of love and fecundity. Maiden Mountain has a lot of legends and stories. One legend was written in 1881 and published in the geographical dictionary of the Polish Kingdom:

Once here there a very pretty girl lived, two guys were in love with her. She did not know whom to choose, and she said, “I’ll sit high on the mountain, and you take the huge boulders and roll it uphill. One who will make it faster, I will marry the him.” Guys done it simultaneously and they had died immediately from a heart attack. People buried them on the mountain, and people was so angry at girl that they dug a hole and buried her alive.

There is catholic church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (1796—1805) is beautifully situated at the highest point. According to local residents, the temple survived  all wars and well preserved to our time. And only about 1980, students have managed to set fire to the church. Roof burned down only. View of panorama alienates. Massive walls, strict main facade, interesting columns inside the church were left standing. Interior space is now occupied by birch trees and bushes, but the past greatness exists a still.


Shooted photos and these Dubrowo panoramic photos:
05 of July, 2014.

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