Elisavetinsky Monastery

The Orthodox Saint Elisabeth Convent, Minsk, Belarus. Date of construction is 1999-2007.
The Orthodox Saint Elisabeth Convent, is a female Orthodox monastery on the outskirts of Minsk, and it was founded in a place where churches did not exist before. At the present time, this is the only the functioning monastery of town. A now a many individuals now find comfort and experience healing from difficult life situations at monastery. These including people crippled by sin, having lost their residences, formerly incarcerated and handicapped individuals, sufferers from alcohol and drug addictions. For many of them, this is the only possibility of returning to a normal dignified life. They live and work under the supervision of monastery sisters.

Every week conversations with a priest takes place, the Liturgy is served on Saturdays and on Sundays the Sunday School is open for all who desire to learn the principles of Orthodoxy.

Pictures of Saint Elisabeth Convent photo gallery, Minsk, have been taken on 23 of July,2011; 9 of January, 2016; 2 of January, 2017.