Windless and most frosty day in the forest

At the turn of the 1990s began to take place in Belarus significant climate change. If, before the cooling offset by a corresponding warming, since 1989, is a sustainable process of global warming. It is global in nature, and this process is expressed more clearly in the recent past. Due to global warming the new agroclimatic region has been born in the south of Belarus. Over the past twenty years the average temperature has increased by about 1.1 degrees. This led to a shift in agroclimatic regions in the 80-120 km from south to north.

Also there is climate change during the winter. The winter period was globally warmer and shorter by almost two months, and now he is about 3 months. November and December are usually without snow. Really the winter with strong frosts are visiting the Belarusian land in early January.
The sunny, windless and most frosty day in the forest.
Pictures of Frost winter forest photo gallery added 6 of January, 2009.