Osprey live cam – fun facts

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What’s going on at the nest?

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Ospreys webcast will help everyone better understand a kingdom of bird’s life.

Take a look on migration routes

The migration routes of migrant birds, take a look at it.


The most interesting facts about the osprey bird

1. The osprey is interesting bird, sometimes known as the sea hawk, fish eagle or fish hawk, is a diurnal. Despite the fact that the bird belongs to predatory species, it feeds exclusively on fish. Also, 1-1.5% of the diet falls on other animals: turtles, rabbits, muskrats and field mice.

2. This is a very graceful bird. The flight of the osprey can be admired endlessly.

3. The wingspan can reach 170 centimeters. At the same time, eyewitnesses have repeatedly observed how the osprey drags fish much larger than its own size into the nest.

4. The bird is not a scavenger and prefers only fresh fish and this is interesting fact. An osprey can eat other people’s fish, but only if the food is fresh and untouched by others.

5. An osprey can be compared to a dog. The bird shakes off water from feathers with twisting movements of the head and body, and does it right on the fly.

6. These birds dive well and are not at all afraid of water. At the same time, the percentage of survival after such swims is relatively low about 30-60%.

7. Ospreys usually nest in one place, while migratory species of ospreys always return home. Curiously fact: the male arrives before the female to prepare the nest.

8. The osprey has deadly claws. The bird moves the fish in flight always keeps the fish in a certain position: held by the claws of the fish near the head and tail. This method provides optimal aerodynamics.

9. Ospreys are quite peaceful and sometimes frankly defenseless. Even impudent crows or rooks can take away fish from this bird. If danger threatens the nest, the osprey turns into an angry predator bird that can fight to the death.

10. Single nests or colonies are built in tall trees, on the ground on small islands, or on ledges of cliffs. The nest is a bulky structure. The nests may be used by many generations of birds, becoming huge in the process.

11. The osprey has natural enemies. These are the eagles who see them as competitors, they are trying to force the osprey out of their nesting and hunting grounds. These are eagle owls and owls that attack osprey chicks at night. Humans are also harming bird populations, we do it unconsciously. It’s just that ospreys are very sensitive to pesticides that enter their body along with the caught fish.