Osprey live webcam – bird kingdom

Ospreys webcast will help everyone better understand a kingdom of bird’s life. Osprey nest webcam is located in Latvia. Chicks were born in this nest: Snips, Snaps, Snurre.

Take a look on migration routes.

Here’s broadcast link from Madis and Piret’s nest. Click here!
Here’s broadcast link from Ilmar and Irma’s nest. Click here!


Nest cameras were installed at artificial nests built within the www.lvrtc.lv project framework.

238 thoughts on “Osprey live webcam – bird kingdom”

  1. marika says:

    20. July: Ungurs (N96) and Raiskums (N95) made their maiden flight, 24. July: Amata (N94) took of for the maiden flight 🙂

  2. Valerie Weeks says:

    I have not checked nest in one week and today I looked and chicks are not at home..they are flyng already?

  3. Valerie Weeks says:

    Wow…I have really confused the Osprey chicks names…thank you for clarifying! Chicks are so big now, they are absolutely beautiful…I try to check on their progress everyday and just yesterday I watched one of the chick eating his fish on his own without Momma feeding him, that is progress for sure! They are all flapping wings in preparation for flying later when it is time to migrate…

  4. Valerie Weeks says:

    Wow…The Chicks Snips, Snaps and Snurre have grown very large…fish is dropped off and chick is feeding for himself without “Momma” Ospreys help…I think they will be taking flight soon…all 3 chicks are practising fling by flapping wings quite a lot…

    1. marika says:

      13. June: Osprets get their names from Latvian forum: Ungurs, Raiskums and Amata
      4. July: Osprets get their rings Ungurs N96 ((1690g – can be either male or female), Raiskums N95 (1750g – female), and Amata N94 (1460g – male)
      “Raiskums white line of the eyes is unobvious sometimes…compare Ungurs…their body size is almost the same, Ungurs and Amata have the obvious white line of the eyes…but Amata looks soft, young and Ungurs is aggressive, Ungurs head becomes more black…Amata is more white” (seira – looduskalender)

    2. marika says:

      Chicks Snips, Snaps, Snurre are in the Season 2014 in the Pērkons & Lauma nest (another nest).

  5. Valerie Weeks says:

    Wonderful watching Mamma Osprey enlarge the nest for her growing chicks

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