Osprey live webcam – bird kingdom


Ospreys webcast will help everyone better understand a kingdom of bird’s life. Osprey nest webcam is located in Latvia. Chicks were born in this nest: Snips, Snaps, Snurre.

Take a look on migration routes.

Here’s broadcast link from Madis and Piret’s nest. Click here!
Here’s broadcast link from Ilmar and Irma’s nest. Click here!


Nest cameras were installed at artificial nests built within the www.lvrtc.lv project framework.

223 thoughts on “Osprey live webcam – bird kingdom”

  1. massimo says:

    But this is the same place and nest last year?
    The view is completely different from that of the past years and also the nest does not seem to be more the same.

    1. LG says:

      Agree massimo, does not look like same nest or same view as last season.

    2. marika says:

      Osprey nest is located in Vidzemē, Latvia. It is known as Osprey nesting area since 2011. The male of this nest was ringed as an ospret in 2008, in a nest 97 km away. Female has no rings, so nothing is known about her. Adult Ospreys were named Laima & Pēteris by the Latvian forum. (Egg #1 laid —> 21. April, Egg #2 laid —> 24. April, Egg #3 laid —> 27. April)

      1. marika says:

        the birds Lauma (female) and Pērkons (male) nest is located in the south-eastern part of Latvia in surroundings of town of Viesīte. (Chiks: Snips, Snaps, Snurre)

      2. marika says:

        photo Gavril May 3rd, 2015, 11:21 am

  2. hValerie Weeks says:

    Momma Ospry has gone to get her dinner while Poppa keeps the eggs warm. It is nice to see a Family in the nest again. I shall enojoy waitng and watching for the new chicks…

  3. massimo says:

    share this year’s season of the webcam?

  4. massimo says:

    should be a matter of a few days to review depending on the osprey cam

  5. Valerie says:

    So it is “Good-Bye” to our Feathered Family for another year…I will miss checking in to see how they are all doing “God Speed” and “Safe Journey”…I hope to see you next year!

    1. unavita says:

      See you next year!!! :)

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