Stankovo: the ruins of the manor

Manor in the Stankovo village ​​is monument manor and a park architecture of the second half of XIX century. It belonged to the Czapski, with its origins from the X century. Emblem Czapski is “Leliv”, which  is inscribed proud motto: “Life to Fatherland, Honor to nobody.”
Manor included stone palace, kitchen outbuilding, “skarbchik” residential outbuilding, brick barn, the economic court, chapel, entry of the gate, a greenhouse, heated greenhouse, park. Palace and some other buildings have not survived.
Of particular interest is “Skarbchik”. The building was constructed in 1880 and was connected to the palace by an underground passage, is a two-storey medieval castle with four corner towers. Skarbchik was built as a museum.
Stankovo ​​landscaped park partially preserved. Feature of it is the presence of rare tree species – exotics. Were in the park also wonderful trees growing by roots upwards.

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