Winter photos of Udra River. Snowy mood.


Walking along the small river of Udra, which is now turned into a stream, but it does not become less beautiful.
They say there is still a lot of trout and other wildlife: were seen footprints of lynx, wild boar, hares, roe deer, wolf, and many beaver dams.

Lunaria is a genus of flowering plants in the family Brassicaceae, native to central and southern Europe. It includes two species, Perennial honesty and Annual honesty. They are widely grown as ornamental plants in gardens, and have become naturalised in many temperate areas away from their native habitat. In the language of flowers, it means Sincerity and Forgetfulness.

Pictures of Udra river – winter wilde river photo gallery added 09 March, 2012.  Almost 30 km from Minsk (Belarus) to the north west.

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