The Walowicz palace – Swiatsk village

The Wałowicz Palace has been built in 1779 years by the Italian architect Giuseppe Sacco in Baroque style with elements of classicism.
The building consists of three bodies: central and two outbuildings. The main body of the two side is connected to the semicircular galleries.
In Swiatsk alive is a legend about how the daughter of Mr.Wałowicz koniuchu fell in love. Enraged, his father had drowned boy in a pond, and the girl – alive in a brick wall palace. They say that the specter of her daughter on the night walks home…
Wałowicz Palace is located close to the Augustowski Canal and may become an attractive place for tourists. Also, the palace is located near the Grodno town.

Walowicz palace & Swiatsk photo gallery: pictures have been taken on 23 of May, 2010.

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