Winter birds feeder webcam

Winter birds feeding

Webcam is closed until the end of the 2014 year.

Stream for mobile devices: iPhone, iPad ; Android, VLC

Feeding the birds that visit your garden can significantly increase their survival chances during the winter months.

Some smaller bird species need to consume almost one third of their own body weight in food every day, so providing high energy food for them has a very positive effect.

The kinds of birds you can expect to visit your garden, allotment or the area around your workplace will depend on your location, the time of year and the habitat around you. Urban gardens are more likely to have house sparrows, tits, pigeons, jackdaws. Each of these species will have its own preferred way of feeding – from a hanging feeder, a high bird table or on the ground. Try to feed your birds in a variety of different ways to reflect their preferences.

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Great thanks to videostreaming the Estonian webcam supported by EENet


17 thoughts on “Winter birds feeder webcam”

  1. massimo says:

    Then I start to do the dance of the snow :-) :-) :-)

  2. massimo says:

    What is missing for the start of this cam? :-)))

    1. militta says:

      There is not dense the snow cover, is not necessary to feed the birds. ;) i’m also waiting for.

  3. massimo says:

    This livecams was beautiful, you could see various species of birds to eat.
    Sorry that there is no more. :-(

    1. unavita says:

      Yeah… :( Winter is over. Streaming closed before the first snow. ;)

  4. massimo says:

    ???… :unsure:

  5. lukas says:

    thank u for your answer militta

    1. Grant Smith says:

      Very nice – thank you
      I am doing a round the world broadcast of the dawn chorus on 3-4 MAY. Would be great to use your audio. Will you still be broadcasting then?

      1. unavita says:

        I’m so hoping.

  6. lukas says:

    hi, where is the birds feeder located?

    1. Militta says:

      Hi Lukas! :bye: :bye:
      Camera in Otepää from Estonia. :chick: :chick: :chick:

  7. Valerie says:

    I am looking at birdcam too late at night I think. I can see nothing…I will try to see the nest tomorrow. I have not been watching this site since the Osprey left…I will tell my friends,they will love to watch also!! Happy New Year Elivanarya & Unavita!

    1. unavita says:

      Thank you, Valerie :yahoo: Have a happy New 2014 year!! :chick:

  8. Elivanarya says:

    Right now both feeders are empty.

  9. Elivanarya says:

    Hi. Day is still very short. Can’t see anything at this time. :-)

  10. Elivanarya says:

    :yes: Many greetings and happy New Year on new site (very nice) to all birds watchers.
    May the birds have only kind people in their lives. And may those people be us.

    :sunny: :chick: :sunny:

    1. unavita says:

      :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: Thank you, Elivanarya!! Have a Happy New Year!!! :chick:

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