Black and white photos.
The ordinary unseen.

Black & White - the best


The ordinary unseen is out there

World taught us the meaning of photography, the very smell of composition and the beautiful essence of lights and shadows. That teach us great insights on all aspects of photography. The black and white photos are using in for dramatic effect, but also to help create an atmosphere that is both calming and relaxing. When you look at a black and white image, you can see everything in stark detail–and yet it doesn’t distract from the overall feeling of tranquility that I’m trying to achieve. In this post, I wanted to bring you the best of the best photographs yet unseen from the ordinary. Take a look at the ordinary life from a new perspective. About the normal moments that are maybe extraordinary.


It may not be easy to create a black and white photo because we are used to seeing the world in color. Below you will find a some tips to help you master this method of photography.

These tips are simple as old wine

  • The importance of lighting in black and white photography.
  • There must be frontal or direct lighting.
  • Back lighting or side lighting.

The black and white style allows you to create more emotional and effective images. These images are capable of opening their own imagination.
Black and white style gives a wider range of implementation. Everyone sees the world in their own way. This varied way is the right one for you. You must experiment everytime.

There’s one thing you gotta understand: your b&w world is your b&w world only.