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Wonderful forest near Daugerdzishki village

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Wawiorka village

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Vilnius, Lithuania

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Village of Tabgha, Israel

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Village of Capernaum – Church of the House of Peter

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Vienna, Austria

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Venice photos. Ponte delle Guglie live cam.

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Vatican City. Spherical aerial panorama.

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Tiberias, Israel and Sea of Galilee

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The Volkswagen automuseum in Wolfsburg

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The summer & autumn forest

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The small town of Rakaw

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The Pskov-Caves Monastery. Pechory, Russia.

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The priory of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa

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The medieval city of Estonia. Tallinn is…

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The Karobchytsy Agro Complex

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The hornbeam wood

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The ethnographic village of Dudutki

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The Basilica of Our Lady in Lichen Stary is largest catholic church in Poland

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Tel Aviv Jaffa, Israel

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Tbilisi, Georgia

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Szczuczyn town in winter and summer.

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Suburb of Liege, Belgium

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Stockholm inner city. Visiting Sweden.

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See photos of Brussel

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Sands of the Curonian Spit. Klaipeda, Lithuania.

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Rome, Italy

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Riga and its Art Nouveau buildings

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Rasos Cemetery

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Pskov Kremlin: Russia’s land of mystery.

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Pompeii Ruins. Antique apocalypse.

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Photos of Dead Sea, Israel

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Photos & Aerial Panorama. Paris, France

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Pamukkale and Hierapolis, Turkey

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Padua, Italy

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Our Lady of Lourdes, France

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Nazareth is the Arab capital of Israel

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Nature of river basin of Molchad

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Mtskheta, Georgia

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Mountain trail to Shio-Mgvime monastery. Mountains of Georgia.

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Mount of Beatitudes in Israel

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Monastery Banneux Notre-Dame, Belgium

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Lipnishki village, Belarus

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Krypetsky Monastery middle of the forest and swamps, Russia.

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Krakow, Polska | Cracow, Poland

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Klaipeda, Lithuania

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Keukenhof park, Netherlands

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Judean Desert

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Jerusalem, Israel

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Human on the Earth or early spring in forest

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Historic Centre of Warsaw

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Helsinki, Finland

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Helmstedt, Germany

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Heaven sent Ghent. Charm and quirkiness.

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Haifa, Israel

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Grodno is city of Kings.

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Fabulous city. Brugge photos.

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Episcopal Ensemble. Avignon in photos.

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Dresden during Advent

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Czech town of Hustopece

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Christmas fairy tale in Goslar. Weihnachtsmarkt.

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Caesarea aqueduct, Israel

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Braunschweig, Germany. Weihnachtsmarkt season.

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Arab town of Kafr Kanna, Israel || Cana, Israel

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Amsterdam is bike city. Architecture.

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Aglona Basilica

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