Great Horned Owl

Owl live stream cam

broadcast from Great Horned Owl nest



Charlo, Montana – the view of a great horned owl nest from above.
A page where you can watch wonderful barn owl webcam. Observe these magnificent birds of prey in their natural habitat.
The owl’s young leave the nest before they learn how to fly. Don’t miss this moment.


The Great Horned Owl  fakts

The bird is common throughout North America. It is a powerful predator with strong talons and sharp beak. It eats mammals, birds and reptiles when available. In the far north it eats snowshoe hare, geese, mice, voles and lemmings. Further south it might also eat snakes, lizards, squirrels and skunks. Like most Owls it is nocturnal relying on its keen vision and silent flight to suprise its prey.

It’s “horns” are actually tufts of feather above its ears that look like horns.


Another one live owl nest – Eagle owl