Catholic church in Vaverka

Wawiorka known since 1413, the Michael Galiginovich founded the church in village. Village called as Great or Old Vaverka according to documents XV – XVI centuries. In 1463 the rights were confirmed by the church.
In 1522 Wawiorka owned to Janusz Kostevich.
Wawiorka depicted on the map in 1643. The map was published in Amsterdam in 1635 – 1650’s in Latin.
In 1570 received the status of village.
In 1613, village designated on map is as a town Wawiorka. Never again Wawiorka had city status. Vaverka was destroyed during the Russian – Polish war.
In 1792 the owner of Vaviorka was King Laskovich.
In the second half of XX century power often changed in Vaverka. The church was looted during World War II. In 1919, German troops arrived, and then there were the Polish troops. The Red Army arrived in 1920. This year was robbed a church. Until 1939 Wawiorka again was part of Poland. This period school was built.
The Church of the Transfiguration was renovated in 1934 – 1936, under the direction of the master Bepk from Vilnius. The church was enlarged, there were demolished two walls. Church built of stone and brick, stone brick on a high foundation of stone. Length – 41.15 m, width – 19,7 m. The height of 35 m. The church has three naves: the average and 2 side, the average height of the nave – 11m., Lateral – 7 pm in the church ceiling is wooden, it was carried out by project Engineer Borowski in 1930. At this time parish of Wawiorka was one of the richest, there were 12 thousand members.
In September 1939 the Soviet power was established.
In 1944 he was created by the village council. In the 50’s started collectivization.

This pictures have been taken on 30 of July, 2011.