Lida City, Belarus -

Christmas time in Lida, Belarus

Christmas on town street. Snow. Some Lida photos in evening.

Catholic church of the St. Anna -

Vilnius, Lithuania

Acquaintance with Vilnius will impress anyone who is able to assess the merits of the modern city and the architecture of past centuries, city survivors of USSR epoch.

Szczuczyn town, Belarus -

Szczuczyn town in winter and summer.

This is one of the oldest towns in Belarus. It arose in the XV century, when the territory of modern Belarus was the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
According to one version the name of the town comes from the name of “szczuka” (pike – on eng., or szczupak – on pl.).

Bethlehem, Palestine, Israel. Holy Land -

Bethlehem, Palestine, Holy Land

Welcoming city laced with holy places, where time and eternity are united. Surroundings are attractive, they have a marks of comfort and joy. 7,5m high security fence around city is perceived as an art object.


Braunschweig, Germany. Weihnachtsmarkt season.

The glow of festive illuminations, the scent of hot mulled wine and roasted almonds, all among the most impressive, historical ambience: Braunschweig’s Christmas Market is one of the most beautiful in northern Germany.