Episcopal Ensemble in Avignon, France - www.unavitaverde.net

Episcopal Ensemble. Avignon in photos.

The main attractions in Avignon are the 14th century Palace of the Popes and the 12th century Avignon Bridge, called the Saint-Benezet bridge after the young shepherd who heard divine voices instructing him to construct it.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - www.unavitaverde.net

Amsterdam is bike city. Architecture.

Everyone should see the Amsterdam. This city has colossal atmosphere, unique spirit. City of modern surrealism and abstract art.

Zalawl town - www.unavitaverde.net

Town of Zaslawl, Belarus

In the past, from the middle of the XVI century. Zaslawl was heavily fortified. Now from the former castle fortifications well preserved ramparts and moats.

Lida City, Belarus - www.unavitaverde.net

Christmas time in Lida, Belarus

Christmas on town street. Snow. Some Lida photos in evening.

Catholic church of the St. Anna - www.unavitaverde.net

Vilnius, Lithuania

Acquaintance with Vilnius will impress anyone who is able to assess the merits of the modern city and the architecture of past centuries, city survivors of USSR epoch.