Ozertso Village Museum photo tour. National Architecture.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in the village Ozertso established in 1976. Currently, this is the singular museum of its kind in Belarus.

Former Czapsky estate

Former Czapsky estate. Date of building is middle of 19 centuries. Pryluki village, Minsk district, Belarus. Pictures was taken on 18 of April, 2009.

Kamenka village, Pilewsy village, Protasowszczina village

The most famous sight of the village is the St. Antony catholic church, whose silhouette stands out above the village. Date of construction of the church is 1908.

The spring in the village of the Belogruda

The cemetery near church preserved to the present day. There are many famous people are buried. For example, representatives of the famous noble family of Kostrovitsky.

The village of Sennica and Belarusian fields

Minsk expands and devours the rural life. This village is preserved a still.