The Volkswagen automuseum in Wolfsburg

Automuseum Wolfsburg

A spotlight on days gone by – reawakening memories, rekindling emotions and conjuring up that typical gurgly chugging sound that a Beetle boxer engine makes.

Impressions that move us all – whatever our age. Located in close proximity to Volkswagen’s Autostadt, the Volkswagen Auto Museum documents a remarkable piece of German automobile history, indeed, of the history of the Federal Republic of Germany itself.

The Auto Museum opened in April 1985. Its display agenda is devoted to Volkswagen-brand product exhibits as well as prototypes and one-offs. That includes screen star Herbie and the first prototypes of the Golf and other models alongside novelties such as a Beetle made of wood and an aqua Golf with hydraulic pontoons.

A tour of the “Milestones in Automobility” display at the Autostadt’s ZeitHaus and the exhibit at the Volkswagen Auto Museum, which showcases jewels in the crown of the Volkswagen brand itself, are a must for automobile enthusiasts of all ages.

A total of 140 vehicles are set out for display on 5000 square metres of Museum exhibition space. Regularly scheduled special display shows and additional exhibits attract regular visitors to the Auto Museum time and again

See photos of the Autostadt, Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, in this travel photo gallery from Verde Wanderer. Pictures taken at 12 of December, 2013.