Lipnishki village, Belarus

St. Casimir's Catholic Church


This is not the first church in Lipnishki. It is believed that the first church was called as the Church of St. Anne’s has been built in 1411.
The second church was built in 1744. But both the church were destroyed by fires.
The third church, which was built in Lipnishki, had the name of the church of St. Casimir. Why it was named, it is not known. This temple was also destroyed by fire. According to one information, the church burned down due to negligent care of the candles. According to other sources, the church was burnt down during the peasant revolts. But it is known that the riots were July 14, 1890.
The foundation of the new church was laid May 1, 1894, while the real building started in 1900. In France was bought a very expensive project of the church in neo-Gothic style. Finally the church was built in 1906.

Pictures have been taken on 31 of July, 2010.