The Village Of the Dworec and Molchad river -

Photos of Molchad river and nature

A small wooded rivulet about which you will remember with a gentle warm feeling. River attracts by crystal water and landscape. Around there are a lot forest streams.

Tabgha, Israel Travel Resources -

Village of Tabgha, Israel

Situated right on the Sea of Galilee, this is a nice hotel, with several key amenities. There is a wonderful little chapel on the grounds where everyone got to go to Mass.

Mount of Beatitudes, Tabgha, Israel -

Mount of Beatitudes in Israel

It’s Roman Catholic church located by the Sea of Galilee. It’s picturesque place. Lots of greenery and lots of birds singing in the greenery.

Capernaum, Jesus center of operation -

Village of Capernaum – Church of the House of Peter

Great ruins of the synagogue. Lovely glass floor over ancient site. Catholic Church required reverence, prefers silence in the church. Compact place so easy to navigate and no hills and such a sacred place.


Orthodox Monastery in Zhyrovichi village

Many years later the icon was found again with mysterious imprints on it – presumably those of Virgin Mary’s palm and foot. The icon is considered miraculous and the stone became part of the altar in the church of Exaltation of the Cross. Since then the Zhyrovichi monastery is a major place of pilgrimage.