Wonderful forest near Daugerdzishki village

Forest photos. Forest seems mysterious at dawn. There are rustling and scraping. It can be assumed, the beast takes breakfast.

Prushinsky’s country estate in Loshitsa. Panorama.

At one time, the last King of the Rzeczpospolita the Stanislaw August Poniatowski and the Russian Emperor Paul I, Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz and Stanisław Moniuszko were here. Panoramic view.

Photos of Molchad river and nature

A small wooded rivulet about which you will remember with a gentle warm feeling. River attracts by crystal water and landscape. Around there are a lot forest streams.

Village of Tabgha, Israel

Situated right on the Sea of Galilee, this is a nice hotel, with several key amenities. There is a wonderful little chapel on the grounds where everyone got to go to Mass.

Mount of Beatitudes in Israel

It’s Roman Catholic church located by the Sea of Galilee. It’s picturesque place. Lots of greenery and lots of birds singing in the greenery.