Here's photo albums of European cities and places, wild nature & national culture, architecture. Travel tips, photos: marshes, forests, villages, cities, wild places review. Also, the panorama photo category and live webcams. In general there are the unpopular tourist destinations in Europe. But, this is not a classical tourist trap, because you can find here a nice service or just wildnature without GSM network. That as journey through the depths of consciousness from as if wild universe. Nature is everything around that was not made by civilization. It includes the material world and its phenomena, the forces and processes that produce and control all the phenomena of the material world, the world of living things and the outdoors. Must be said that real life seems worse sometimes than ordinary moments from everyday life on photos, this is the paradox of the variability of our mood. In creating this site, there was set a global challenge - to gather in one resource the most comprehensive and diverse information about the nature and cities, as well as all variants of pastime on nature, and course, many many pictures. Unfortunately, the challenge was not solved for 100 % due to the lack of free time. Website exists on a voluntary basis only more than 15 year.

The summer & autumn forest.

Here’s summer pics of nature. Also, autumn pics. There the yellowness glows in the rays of sunny day. Unusually quiet autumn day in the woods. Only a rustling leaves underfoot. Fallen leaves covers the semi-dry grass until spring.

Black and white photos.
The ordinary unseen.
Tricolor images.

B&W photo is if the mind disconnects from what’s real… to throw myself into the situation trying to understand the root of what’s happening into color world and say NO to color. The ordinary unseen is out there.

Sands of the Curonian Spit. Klaipeda, Lithuania.

It is really worth travelling a bit further down the spit. The water in beaches very clean. Probably not what you see in the touristic pictures, that’s much better!

Former Czapsky estate

The Pryluki village is located Minsk district, the estate was built in the 19th century as mentioned above. Is believed that the Palace used as monastery in past, located in this place.

Klaipeda, Lithuania

The old town is not very big but very interesting. You need flat shoes for easy walk around, a streets cobbled with stones. Also you will need some transport if you like to visit not just old town, but some other places at town.