Mtskheta, Georgia

It’s a very pleasant place to walk around. Svetitskhovli Cathedral stands in the centre of the town and is definitely an essential place to visit. Mtskheta is considered the birthplace of Christianity in Georgia.

Mountain trail to Shio-Mgvime monastery. Mountains of Georgia.

We chose the trail to the monastery by a mountain trail, it’s about 6,5 km of the way. Where was 2,2 km just go up. That was great! We were able to see nature and fauna and flora. We began our journey from Dzegvi village and went along the trail. We were guided by GPS. There’s an approaching thunderstorm that worried us. Alleluia!…..

Krakow, Polska | Cracow, Poland

City attracts millions of tourists annually. Krakow is the royal city of Poland. There are some photos and live webcam to Wawel Hill.

Photos of the Prague, Czech. Panoramic views.

Take a walk around Prague independently. Problems with movement in the city will not arise. On the metro can reach the center of the most remote parts of the city. In the center the main means of transport is the tram and… legs. And let the tired limbs by the end of the day will make a buzz from walking, but heart will find light and joy.

Nature of river basin of Molchad

The river runs by among the hills, flow is intense and the water is clear. The shores are low, although sometimes there are sandy cliffs.