The sunny, windless and most frosty day in the forest -

Windless and most frosty day in the forest

Seems, there was a many snowfalls and forest thoroughly covered with snow. Trees shrouded them, twigs are crackling from frost. Winter forest has a certain mystique which absorbs our awareness.

Amsterdam, Netherlands -

Amsterdam is bike city. Architecture.

Everyone should see the Amsterdam. This city has colossal atmosphere, unique spirit. City of modern surrealism and abstract art.

Zalawl town -

Town of Zaslawl, Belarus

In the past, from the middle of the XVI century. Zaslawl was heavily fortified. Now from the former castle fortifications well preserved ramparts and moats.

Kossovo Castle

Puslovsky’s palace and folwark of Tadeusz KoĹ›ciuszko

Palace of neo-gothic architecture of the 19th century. Around the wonderful nature near folwark.

Forest of Daugerdzishki village.

Wonderful forest near Daugerdzishki village

Forest photos. Forest seems mysterious at dawn. There are rustling and scraping. It can be assumed, the beast takes breakfast.